Our Story

Welcome to Olive and Argan, where every product is a testament to the Moroccan heritage we cherish deeply and the bountiful natural resources our land generously offers. Our tale unfolds from a journey that took us far from Morocco's vibrant landscapes to distant shores. In this new world, our skin longed for the familiar touch of home, prompting a quest for skincare that resonated with our roots and mirrored the nurturing care of our homeland.

In our search, we found that nothing quite matched the efficacy or evoked the comfort of the natural remedies we were raised with. This discovery fuelled our passion and set us on a path to bring the essence of Moroccan tradition to the world. Thus, Olive and Argan was born—not merely as a brand, but as an earnest invitation to delve into the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture and beauty.

Our vision transcends the creation of skincare products. We aspire to weave a piece of our culture into the fabric of daily life, extending a hand to support the Moroccan community in ways that are both meaningful and enduring. Olive and Argan is a homage to the wealth of Morocco and its enchanting Mediterranean soul. Our brand embodies the luminescent glow of Mediterranean summers—a glow nurtured by the gentle kiss of the sun, the richness of the earth, and the heartfelt warmth of its people.

Our creations are crafted with utmost care, aiming to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect your skin with the finest offerings of nature. Each Olive and Argan product is a bridge to the Moroccan and Mediterranean lifestyle, encouraging you to incorporate a piece of this heritage into your skincare regime, making every day an enriching experience.

Embark with us on this voyage. Discover the enchantment of Moroccan and Mediterranean allure through Olive and Argan, and let your skin revel in the purest radiance nature has to offer.