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Olive and Argan

Luminous Lift Kit

Luminous Lift Kit

Cleansing Gel • Whitening Cream • Lightening Serum
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Elevate your skin's radiance and texture with our Luminous Lift Kit, featuring a curated selection of Cleansing Gel, Lightening Serum, and Whitening Cream. Designed for anyone seeking a clear, luminous complexion, this kit leverages powerful ingredients to diminish dark spots and unify skin tone, revealing a universally glowing appearance.

How to use

  • Morning routine:
  1. Start Fresh: Begin by massaging a small amount of Cleansing Gel onto wet skin, rinse thoroughly. This step cleanses while preparing the skin for the lightening process.
  2. Serum Spotlight: Apply Lightening Serum gently over the face, focusing on dark spots or uneven areas, to boost radiance and target discoloration.
  • Evening routine:
  1. Nightly Cleanse: Repeat the morning cleanse with the Cleansing Gel to cleanse
    away the day's build-up and prepare the skin for overnight treatment.
  2. Evening Brighten: Apply a generous layer of Whitening Cream to face and neck, massaging gently. Its rich formula works through the night to lighten dark spots and hydrate deeply.

Key ingredients

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Reduces inflammation, lightens hyperpigmentation, and strengthens the skin's barrier function.

Glycerin A humectant that draws moisture into the skin from the air, glycerin helps to hydrate and maintain the skin's moisture barrier.

Papaya fruit extract Known for its brightening properties, contributing to the reduction of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

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